West Kentucky African American Museums

The West Kentucky African American Museum and Research Center

Payne Dunnigan House
- The 1940's shotgun style home of the Payne and Dunnigan families, current exhibit focusing on the "Battles for the Ballot", the struggles for voting rights and political involvement.

Morton Kimbrough
- The Morton-Kimbrough House was built between 1810 and 1815 and is believed to be the oldest brick house still standing in Russellville. It hosts changing museum exhibits, currently featuring the story of legendary blues singer, Mary Ann Fisher, a Russellville resident who was Ray Charles' first female singer.

Cooksey House
- Built in the 1880's by Solomon Cooksey, a slave freed in the 1850's. The house has been restored to its Victorian appearance and is the site of the only exhibit on lynching in the south. The featured exhibit,"Mob Violence in Logan County - The Rufus Browder Story", focuses on the 1908 lynching of four black men.

Knights of Pythias Hall
The Knights of Pythias Hall was a dance hall and meeting house which served as a venue for entertainers such as Cab Calloway and Jelly Roll Johnson. It would later serve as a school, pool hall, restaurant, gym, church and barber shop. Today it is used as a community meeting hall and for after school programs.

Bibb House
Built in the 1820s as the townhouse of Revolutionary War Major Richard Bibb who freed twenty-nine of his slaves in 1829 and paid for their passage to Liberia and who then provided for the liberation of his remaining slaves by his will at his death in 1839. It currently being restored.

Townsend Orndorff House
Was the home of the Townsend family who sold food there for many years. The first owner was Wesley Orndorff a member of the 6th United States Colored Calvary who was wounded at the Battle of Saltville Virginia during the Civil War. It was the home of the Townsend family who sold food there for many years.

Current exhibits are:

  1. Fighting for Feeedom: - African Americans who fought in the Civil War from Logan County, Kentucky
  2. The School on the Hill Knob City - Features the pre-integration "Colored School" located in Russellville.
  3. Alice Dunnigan, the Persistent Fighter - Alice Allison Dunnigan, a Logan Countian, who was the first African-American female member of the White House Press Corps.